Starker, Bruce J (LtJG, USCGR) - Plank Owner

Bruce J Starker (1918-1975)

Mr. Starker, born 1918 in Oregon, had started on a distinguished career well before he came to SEBAGO as a Plank Owner.  He graduated Oregon State College School of Forestry in 1940 and continued  to Yale University for advanced degrees in Forest Management. Those studies were interrupted by his enlistment in 1942 and subsequent commissioning and service aboard the SEBAGO until discharge in 1946.

Bruce returned home to the family business in the Corvallis area and had become a well respected figure in Oregon forestry when in 1971 he was appointed by the Board of Forestry.

In 1975 Bruce was piloting a plane over timberlands in Yamhill County with his son Bond when the plane crashed. Bruce was killed, but Bond survived. The Starker family donated several acres of land to the City of Corvallis for the Bruce Starker Arts Park and several other buildings and civic efforts in the area are named in his honor. 

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