June 14, 2019 - Dan Brockman and Joe Cline are your hosts for a 50th anniversary celebration of the Squadron 3 patrol to VietNam. Although this is a particularly special gathering for the VietNam crew, ALL SHIPMATES from all eras of Sebago are encouraged to attend. 

Where:  Charlotte, North Carolina

When:   October 11 & 12, 2019

Host Hotel:  Hilton Garden Inn Charlotte - Waverly

                     Rate is $99 nightly. Use discount code VCGR

                     MUST reserve by Sept 10 to guarantee rate.

                     Phone 704-992-9900

Host Contact:   Dan Brockman - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The event will consist of a Friday evening dinner, Saturday afternoon meeting, and Saturday night dinner. The following Monday is a federal holiday (Columbus Day) and should widen the window of low air fares. 

There are many attractions in the Charlotte area that might be of interest to shipmates and family members wishing to extend their stay beyond two days:


1. NASCAR Hall of Fame
2. Billy Graham Library
3. Carolinas Aviation Museum
4. Dozens of NASCAR shops. (Guided vans or self tour)
5. Carolina Panthers game (Depending on meeting weekend)
6. Charlotte Hornets basketball
7. Charlotte Checks hockey games (season begins Oct 5)
8. Carolinas Raptor Center
9. Carowinds amusement park
10. Charlotte Mint Museum
We have confirmed availability of deeply discounted tiskets to NASCAR Hall of Fame as a group on Saturday. NASCAR "Shop" tours may be available for those that express interest. 


Do You Remember This?

August 17, 2019 - I just got off the phone with BT2 Ben Badger (Mobile 60-62) and he confirms he will attend the October reunion. He has a neat story about a cadet cruise to South America. Seems SEBAGO salted the boiler and for the next several days the entire engine room crew was on 24 hour duty just to keep enough steam to get back to Mobile.

Ben's story ends with arrival back at Mobile and the entire crew rushing to the showers as soon as shore power and water was hooked up,. But, most of us have those kind of stories about SEBAGO.  I hope you will be in Charlotte to tell YOUR stories.

Keep an eye out on this page. I might have another event to add to the weekend - a Sunday BBQ here at Salisbury. 

Will You Be In Charlotte?

August 7 - Dan Brockman called me this morning to ask that I send out an e-mail reminder to all of you. The 2019 reunion of Sebago Sailors is just two months away. October 11 and 12 at Charlotte, North Carolina. At this point over two dozen of the crew have indicated they will attend. 

As we learned at Pensacola in 1915, these gatherings are more than just a bunch of old geezers out to tell the most believable lies. They are often the last opportunity for some of us to talk with shipmates that were once very important friends. Think about it... could Ocean Station patrols have been so much fun without the sounds of duct tape ripping from a roll and the screams of another unfortunate shipmate being firmly attached to his rack ... in the middle of the night?  
Wouldn't you like another opportunity to learn how SEBAGO lost its anchor - or the main deck hatch cover? After all, the sea rarely gives up secrets but a shipmate can be coerced with another drink and an "attaboy!" Really, why did we run aground on Sewell's Point Spit in Norfolk? Local newspapers said it was a freak wind, but some of us know better. And who knows all of the details of ramming the pier on our first night at GITMO and the juicy story of putting a hole in a Navy barge just a few days later. Who were all of the guys in the forward rec deck on hump day...obviously drunk or otherwise wasted - and Mr. Deming gracious enough to just tell us some were due on watch in a few minutes? 
Each of us has some interesting tidbit of life aboard a 255 foot cutter and all of us are interested in hearing it. Well, I should say most of us are interested... some of you were the culprits. As Brockman once told me as he handed me a swab,"It's assholes like you that make life at sea intolerable..." or something to that effect. 
But, I wander and must get to the reason for this message. 
Brockman really needs to know not only how many of you are going to attend, but how many plan to go on a group visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. So far the ticket price has been negotiated down to $18 per person. Yes, that's a bit steep, but Dan is working on cutting that to nearly zero and may in fact get it to zero with the help of a NASCAR team or two. Please plan on attending this particular part of the reunion weekend. Something special is planned and we don't want you to miss it. If the ticket price doesn't fit your budget, let us know and even if Dan's effort to get a better price fails we will still figure out how to get you in without emptying your wallet. 
Please make your reservations at the host hotel prior to September 11 to guarantee availability and price. Check the website or Dean's Facebook page for contact details. 
Once again, the youngest of us is now 66 or 67 years old. We won't live forever. These reunion events always bring in somebody we have not seen for decades. Pick up your phone and call a few shipmates... urge them to attend. Ask them to call others we may not have contacted. Let us know if you need assistance in getting here or finding a way to keep the expenses affordable. We will find a way to help. 
Remember - "Shipmates once - Friends forever!" 

June 14 - Are you planning to attend the reunion at Charlotte, NC, on October 11 & 12? At least one shipmate is flying in from Alaska.

To date we have confirmed plans from:


  • Ben Badger
  • Nick Bernstein
  • Dan Bothe
  • Dan Brockman
  • Troy Carroll
  • John Chism
  • Joe Cline
  • Joe Cumblidge
  • Jim Curtis
  • Arthur Durrah
  • Steve Furst
  • Bob Horning
  • Dean Kratchmer
  • Frank Lytle
  • Darlow Maxwell
  • Lewis McDonald
  • "Moose" Miles
  • John Perrotta
  • Mark Pfrenger
  • Wade Olsen (XO family)
  • Robet Pinkerton
  • John Powers
  • Ken Savage
  • Dave Segelquist
  • Jerry Schambeau
  • Tom Smith
  • Gene White
  • Tom White
  • Dave Williams
  • Lee Wonnacott

That's two dozens shipmates plus their family members committed to spending some time together and remembering old shipmates and good times.  A few years ago shipmate Richard Miles (FN from Ron 3 patrol) told me, "This reunion makes me feel like family! I'm glad we came."  The banner tag line of this website is "Shipmates Once - Friends Forever" and I know that to be true, so come sit with your friends for a while. 

The host hotel will be the Hilton Garden Inn Charlotte-Waverly a few minutes south of the Charlotte International Airport. (NOTE: This is a change from what I had posted last week.... the venue is near I-485 in the Providence area of south Charlotte.) The address is 7415 W Waverly Walk Ave, Charlotte, NC. The number to make a directin reservation is 704-992-9900. Reservation code is   "VCGR"

Dan Brockman and Joe Kline are putting a lot of time and effort into ensuring that we all have a good time. At this time all of the gatherings are planned to be at the hotel, or in restaurants that adjoin the hotel property.  There is a very special Saturday afternoon event being put together that will send you home with a smile, some great photos, and the knowledge that had you missed this reunion you really screwed up!  BE THERE!!


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