SN Don Ludwikowski
"Blind Bat" - Coastal Surveillance
Coastal surveillance aircraft - one like this one, code-named "Blind Bat" - vectored one, and later two more, US Air Force fighter aircraft onto the USCGC Point Welcome in August 66 for 1 1/2 hours - bombing and strafing the patrol boast until they literally ran out of ammunition.+ Two Coasties killed, two severely wounded, one VNN liason officer killed, one world famous combat photographer, Tim Page, aboard for the ride, also wounded - everyone else on board wounded. "Friendly fire," they call it.

Click here for the story of Point Welcome. Killed in the attacked were the Commanding Officer, LTJG David Brostrom, and one crewmen, EN2 Jerry Phillips. Their losses are officially described as "Misadventure".
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