SN Don Ludwikowski
Qui Nhon, Vietnam
Very significant picture - Offshore near Qui Nhon - this is precisely where the Coast Guard's involvement in Vietnam began with the "Vung Ro Incident" 3 March 65.

The mountains are described in Brown Rivers, Black Berets as, "...the great green mountains of the Chaine Annamitique..." From this incident, it was determined that the Vietnamese Navy (VNN) was not up to the job of preventing the infiltration by sea of war material and military personnel. This lead to the Navy in the form of Admiral Elmo Zumwalt to contact the Commandant of the Coast Guard and request that the CG form Squadron One - initially 25 82' Patrol Boats split into three groups in DaNang, CatLo, and AnThoi.
By the way, the beaches along this area of the coast were superb, not that we got to make use of them.
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