SEBAGO Photo Album

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GMC-P Jack Barnes

These photos were sent from Jack through his son, Ed, in the final days of  Jack's life. ...

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RM2 Don Bette

Aboard 1968 to 1970. Don was one of that outstanding group of men aboard Sebago, a Radioman. ...

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SN Dan Bothe

Dan sailed on the Vietnam/Squadron 3 patrol in 1969. 


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FN Mike Butler

Mike sent us a nice collection that includes fantail boxing while on Ocean Station and an array of "Sea State" ...

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HM3 Michael Case

HM3 Michael Case came aboard for a TDY tour to OS Bravo in September 1971.

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RM3 Dave DeGeorge

Master Chief Radioman Dave DeGeorge Sr was aboard SEBAGO in '59 and '60.  His has a small collection, but it adds ...

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SA Ron Dudley

Ron came aboard as an Seaman Apprentice and sailed with SEBAGO up until she was decommissioned in February of 1972. ...

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SN Dale Hancock

Dale sailed on the VietNam patrol and stayed in the Coast Guard for the full tour. He now lives in San Antonio. 

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Photo Albums from Steve Furst

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SN 1/c Robert E Katchelmeyer

Katchelmeyer was a SEBAGO plank owner and his daughter Robyn has forwarded these photos, which are the only ...

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Photo Albums from Brock Sorensoen

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RD2 Dean Kratchmer

Offers a very large collection, mostly from the Vietnam/Squadron 3 patrol. He tried to get at least one photo of every shipmate ...

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LtJG Jim Lambert

Mr. Lambert, USCGA '68, made the Vietnam patrol.

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FT2 Ron Lee

Ron gives us only a few photos, but they are gems from the time at Curtis Bay when SEBAGO was ...

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Photo Albums from Thomas F Kirk

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SN Don Ludwikowski

Like many of the crew, purchased a decent camera at Subic Bay and began to document 'The Vietnam Experience' of ...

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RM3 John Perotta

John served aboard SEBAGO from 1968 through the Squadron 3 cruise, departing in early 1970. His collections of photos from ...

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MST2 Mark Pfrenger

Aboard 06/70 to 03/71.  Mark was a special shipmate - the founder of  O-Labia and the Regnant O-Labian.

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RM1 Robert Pinkerton

Bob stayed in for the full tour and is living his retirement years pedaling around the Great State of Texas. ...

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SN 1/c Charlie Reese

Charlie passed these photos to another Sebago Sailor just before he crossed over the bar a few years ago. ...

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SN Ken Savage

Ken gives us some good photos of a Charlie patrol with stops in Jamaica and Bermuda. Also some shots of ...
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